How To Cast Out Your Fear! Part 3

Victor Torres, author of “Perfect Love Casts Out All Fear,” speaks on video on how to cast out your fears.  He addresses the importance of learning how to manage your emotions before they manage you.  He stresses the significance of facing your emotional pain rather than stuffing your hurts so you can live a healthy, vibrant life.

Psalm 51:6 declares, “Behold, You (God) desire truth in the inward parts, and in the hidden part You will will make me to know wisdom.”  A wise man or woman choose to live a life of integrity that is pleasing to God.  You are called to take off your graveclothes and shed the negative coping mechanisms that you grew up with so you can live an abundant life.

Your childish ways of leaning on negative defense mechanisms such as denial, rationalizing and manipulating must become part of your past because they only serve to postpone your pain to a more opportune time.  Unfortunately, the longer you stuff your pain, the more magnified your hurt becomes over time and the more difficult it is to face in the future.

You must ask Jesus to help you abandon your former ways of surviving and wandering in an emotional graveyard so you can courageously face your past and leave behind your fearful, burial clothes that have only served to enslave you.  You have been called to live in a new resurrected state because the Holy Spirit came to reside in you since you gave your life to Christ.  Ask the Lord to give you courage so you can receive your emotional healing and inherit the promises of God that rightly belong to you!  God bless you, my friends!

Victor Torres

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