Victor’s New Book Coming Soon!

Armed4Battle would like to announce that Victor’s 3rd book will be released soon and likely before the end of the summer.  It is entitled, “The True Making of a Champion: Building Strength and Character Through Adversity!

His first 2 books, “Armed for Battle and Destined for Glory” and “Perfect Love Casts Out All Fear” won 4 international awards through the Global E-Book Awards.  Victor’s books have twice been a Finalist for best Christian E-Book of the Year, a Finalist for Best Autobiography, and a Finalist for the best E-Book in the Religion/Faith Non-Fiction category.
Building Strength

Victor is committed to helping broken people experience emotional freedom in their personal lives and relationships because he believes that no matter what tragedy that one has experienced, it is not God’s will for someone to have to suffer indefinitely.  God is into healing His people so that they can help others who are also hurting and in need of emotional healing.
And Character

Also, Victor’s 3rd book is in the hands of his graphic designer and almost ready for publication.  Armed4Battle would like to encourage you to purchase a copy of “The True Making of a Champion:  Building Strength and Character Through Adversity!” to help you in your journey to emotional healing.  Stay tuned in for more updates coming soon!
Through Adversity!

Victor’s books are available through his website, and


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