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Armed4Battle Wishes You A Happy New Year!

Armed4Battle Welcomes the New Year!

Be Armed4Battle in the New Year!

Be An Armed4Battle Warrior in this New Year!

Happy New Year for 2014!!!

Armed4Battle Wishes You A Very
Blessed, Prosperous,and Happy
New Year!



Armed4Battle would like to thank all of our visitors for visiting us during 2013 and would like to bestow blessings upon you for 2014.  We appreciate you, desire what’s best for you, and pray God’s blessings over you in this new year.   Many of you have been through some very difficult trials during this past year and can’t wait to welcome the new year.  I know what that is like, but at the same time, would like to testify that God’s faithfulness always carries us through.  We serve a mighty God who is more than able to help us weather any storm that comes our way.

Since we can’t see beyond the horizon, it helps knowing that God can see years into the future and desires what is best for us.  Granted, there are many trials that we will never understand that we probably won’t comprehend on this side of eternity, but we need to continue to trust the Lord that they will somehow ultimately strengthen our character and our resolve to overcome our afflictions. 

I know what it’s like to lose loved ones and it’s difficult especially during the holidays when we’re used to being with loved ones, especially mothers, fathers, brothers or sisters who have already died or perhaps spouses who are either now deceased or left you during a very difficult time in your life.  I want to encourage everyone who has experienced losses to know that Jesus Christ understands your pain and suffering.  As you pray, tell Him how much you hurt and put your pain in His hands so He can complete the healing work that He has begun in you.  You are in the very best hands when you put your trust in the Lord, my friends.  Truly, the best is yet to come for you!

God bless you, my friends, and I look forward to staying connected with you in 2013.


Victor Torres



Victor Torres

To purchase a copy of Victor’s book, Armed For Battle and Destined For Glory, visit his website at or  His book was a Finalist at the 2012 Global E-Book Awards for “Best Christian E-Book of the Year” and “Best Autobiography.”  Learn how Victor overcame being a victim of bullying and learn how to apply principles that will help you to become an overcomer and a champion in life so that you can fulfill your God-given potential.

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Armed4Battle Wishes You a Merry Christmas!

Are You Armed4Battle On Christmas?

Be Armed4Battle On Christmas!

Armed4Battle Prays For God’s Blessings Over You!

Armed4Battle Wishes You A Merry Christmas and
Gives God Thanks For Jesus, The King of Kings
and the Savior of the World!


Armed4Battle prays blessings over all of our followers and visitors.  Thank you for being so faithful to visit us during your spare time.  We try to provide support especially to hurting people, those who have been broken by tragedy such as the death of loved ones, divorce, loss of physical health, homes, jobs, and significant relationships.  God is more than able to restore you, no matter what hardship you have had to endure.  God is completely into healing and restoring you–the same message that Jesus brought us when He came to be born, live and die for us.

No matter what trials you have had to endure, I believe you need to take time to give God thanks for giving you the gift of life.  In John 14:6 Jesus declared, “I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man comes to the Father, but by Me.”   Jesus made it crystal clear that He is the Only avenue to get into Heaven.  How do we know this?  Jesus did not say, ” I am a way, a truth, and a life:  there are many ways to get to God besides Me.”  To the contrary, He declared that He is the Author and Finisher of Life and the Ultimate Authority on Truth.  In fact, He is Truth! 

Armed4Battle Remembers
Jesus’ King-Size Bed!

On this special Christmas day let’s make sure we thank Jesus for making the ultimate sacrifice for us through his death in order that we could have the opportunity of going to be with Him in Heaven some day by praying to receive Him into our hearts and living for Him.  John 3:16 reminds us, “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”  This is God’s greatest gift to us–Jesus– all the while knowing that His precious Son would have to die for our sins.  Let’s not take the Lord for granted and thank Him for caring enough for us to have sacrificed His life for us.  Jesus is only a prayer away.  Make sure we take time to talk to Him daily.  He truly wants what is best for you.

On this special Christmas day I pray blessings on your day.  May you enjoy your family, friends, and loved ones and not forget that today is all about the Lord and Him making it possible for you to have the opportunity to live for Him, to serve Him and to worship Him.  He is the One Who gives you meaning in life and a real reason for living.  Where you were once empty He helps to fill that loveless hole.  All you need to do is to seek Him through prayer and He will reveal Himself to you.  It doesn’t get any better than this!  May God richly bless you today as you worship Jesus, the Savior of the world!

Armed4Battle Is Thankful For
What the Nativity Scene Represents–
Hope For All Humanity!


Victor Torres

To purchase a copy of Victor’s book, Armed For Battle and Destined For Glory, visit his website at or  His book was a Finalist at the 2012 Global E-Book Awards for “Best Christian E-Book of the Year” and “Best Autobiography.”  Learn how Victor overcame being a victim of bullying and learn how to apply principles that will help you to become an overcomer and a champion in life so that you can fulfill your God-given potential.


Armed4Battle Encourages Sandy Hook Elementary School’s Survivors

Armed4Battle Honors Sandy Hook’s Brave Students & Staff

Armed4Battle Remembers Our Deceased Students & Teachers

Armed4Battle Supports Sandy Hook’s New Beginning

Armed4Battle Honors Sandy Hook Elementary School’s Children & Staff

Armed4Battle recalls that on December 14th, 2012 the world mourned with us over the loss of our many innocent students and staff who died at the hands of a crazed gunman at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Most of the victims were very young and hadn’t even begun to live yet.  It was such a gut-wrenching experience that will take years to recover from, if ever, for the many parents, relatives and friends who lost a loved one there. 

We know it was a very senseless and barbaric act, just like all the previous school shootings.  How sad that all these children and educators over the years have had to pay for a gunman’s failure to channel his anger in a positive way.  In my estimation, this is a coward in the truest sense of the word.  Rather than ask for help in dealing with their own personal demons, these killers have all opted to misdirect their rage on innocent children and adults who are no threat to them, especially since they know they won’t be equipped in such an environment.  

It is my sincere hope that our politicians will get off their butts, get out of their glass houses, their plush cars, their cozy jobs, and their privileged oasis and actually do something about the school shooting crisis in America. How many more children and adults will have to die before something is done about this dilemma?   It is difficult to believe that they will actually do something, since so many elected officials are out of touch with the real problems we have in the United States. 

Many of them have been born with a silver spoon in their mouths.  They can’t empathize with hurting people because they don’t live in reality.  Their riches do not allow them to empathize with the weak, the impoverished, minorities, the destitute, the homeless, the uneducated, and the jobless.  This tragedy doesn’t really affect them because they are separated from the rest of society.  If they truly cared, they would have done something to protect our children decades ago.  At the risk of generalizing, they talk a good talk, but they do very little to address real issues.

Sandy Hook Elementary School is a real life issue.  All those caskets carrying horrified, defenseless children and educators speak volumes about the ineptness of our politicians to make changes to keep our schools safe.  With all the money that has been wasted by these elected officials, how many lives could have been saved by placing trained, police snipers throughout our schools in America?  These politicians will be held to a higher standard and will have to answer to God some day for how they have neglected the people who God entrusted to them. 

There will be a Judgment Day, a Day of Reckoning, when these elected officials will have to give an account for how they chose to live in a superficial world, separate from the rest of society, and chose to not help the people all around them who will really turn out to be Jesus in disguise.  Because they have neglected the hurting people around them, they will find that, in reality, they neglected the Lord and will pay for their transgressions for all of eternity, unless they choose to repent and begin to do what they have been called to do–protect the innocent!

Armed4Battle Honors Sandy Hook Elementary School’s Victims & Survivors

In the meantime, we need to support these brave, children and educators who go back to school this Thursday.  They will have to deal with the loss of precious children and adults who were their friends, mentors, and cheer leaders because of this tragic school shooting.  They will have to look at the hollowness and sadness in one another’s eyes because they will be missing and longing to see those who didn’t make it on that fateful day of December 14th, 2012. 

Armed4Battle salutes all of those brave survivors who have chosen to go back and face fear head-on so that they don’t have to be a victim to this demon forever.  Armed4Battle mourns with the loved ones of the deceased because we know what it’s like to lose someone dearly loved.  Fight on, dear friends, and know that there is a God in Heaven Who cares about you and holds all victims in the safety and security of His loving arms.  It is now up to you to do something magnificent with your lives so these precious victims are not forgotten.  Live a life of  integrity and make them proud of you!  And yes, some day we will have one big, happy reunion with them and with the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, but not yet.  Not yet, young, Armed4Battle warriors for you must fight on, for the battle has just begun. 


Victor Torres


To purchase a copy of Victor’s book, Armed For Battle and Destined For Glory, visit his website at or  His book was a Finalist at the 2012 Global E-Book Awards for “Best Christian E-Book of the Year” and “Best Autobiography.”  Learn how Victor overcame being a victim of bullying and learn how to apply principles that will help you to become an overcomer and an Armed4Battle champion in life so that you can fulfill your God-given potential.




Armed4Battle Mourns With Newtown, Connecticut

Armed4Battle Remembers Murdered Loved Ones

Armed4Battle Honors Sandy Hook Elementary’s Victims

Armed4Battle Stands With the Victims’ Families

Armed4Battle Remembers Sandy Hook
Elementary School’s Shooting Victims


Armed4Battle would like to take a few minutes to honor the brave children and elementary school staff who died at the hands of a merciless killer.  You are deeply loved and not forgotten.  I know that you are sorely missed by your families and loved ones.  Even though I did not know you personally, being a School Counselor for 23 years, I feel connected because of the deep love that I have for children and their families.  I truly care about helping those in need. 

My heart is heavy as we approach Christmas.  I have three children of my own as a full-time, single parent.  My children mean the world to me.  I can’t imagine not having them there with me on Christmas.  My heart mourns for the parents, brothers, sisters, grandparents, relatives, neighbors, and friends who lost loved ones at this senseless massacre.  I remember when my mother died unexpectedly from leukemia at the tender age of 36, two months before I graduated from high school. 

Armed4Battle Acknowledges the Vigils
Held For the Victims’ Families At Sandy
Hook Elementary School


Christmas was not the same without her and would never be the same again.  I remember the deep ache in my heart, the sadness, the hollowness, the deep loss that simply would not go away until about 12 years later after God mercifully healed my broken heart after I asked Him repeatedly to heal me so I could have a higher quality of life.  Death is unbearable as a child, let alone having to endure it as an adult.  Yes, it’s a part of life, but when it happens to someone who is cut down in the prime of his or her life, it makes it very difficult to bear, especially when it deals with children and innocent people.

I don’t accept the notion that man is inherently good.  Whichever psychologist came up with that nonsense must have not been in his own right mind.  Mankind has the potential to do good or evil, as witnessed by the innocent children and adults who died prematurely and by the survivors who were fortunate enough to have lived through such an atrocity.   I would like to believe that there are more good than bad people in our world, but only God knows.  I am convinced that we, clearly, need to live for and worship our Holy Creator because He is the only One who is perfect and can help us with our imperfections.  There is nothing that we can do in and of ourselves that will help us to reach that point.  We are imperfect beings who need to seek God daily for help, strength, and encouragement.

Armed4Battle Remembers Sandy Hook Elementary
School’s Innocent Shooting Victims and Their
Loved Ones

I ask that you remember all these beautiful children and adults who will not see their next birthdays here, but are with Jesus on the other side of eternity.  Let’s remember their precious families and loved ones who miss them dearly.  Let us pray for God to comfort them in their grieving, to give them strength to weather these terrible storms, and to heal their broken hearts.  They are our brothers and sisters and if we were in the same position we would want them to do the same for us.

As we approach Christmas, let us give God thanks for what we take for granted every day–our loved ones.  Life is too short as it is and we need to be grateful for every breath that we take.   Let us be determined to live a life where you will be remembered by the many people that you helped.  I know that it puts a smile on your Heavenly Father’s face.  Then, one day you and I will go to join Him and hear Him joyfully declare, “Enter into the joy of your rest with Me.  You lived a life that was pleasing to Me.”  It will be a day of celebration when we are reunited with loved ones who also practiced their faith in the Lord.  May God richly bless all of you, my Armed4Battle friends!


Victor Torres

To purchase a copy of Victor’s book, Armed For Battle and Destined For Glory, visit his website at or  His book was a Finalist at the 2012 Global E-Book Awards for “Best Christian E-Book of the Year” and “Best Autobiography.”  Learn how Victor overcame being a victim of bullying and learn how to apply principles that will help you to become an overcomer and a champion in life so that you can fulfill your God-given potential.

Armed4Battle Remembers the Connecticut Shooting Victims

Armed4Battle Praises Our Heroes

Armed4Battle Prays For the Victims’ Families

Armed4Battle Honors the Shooting Victims in Connecticut

Armed4Battle Remembers Our School Shooting
Victims in Newtown, Connecticut

Armed4Battle joins our country in mourning over the recent school shootings in Newtown, Connecticut.  Since this kind of tragedy begun on January 17, 1989 when Patrick Purdy killed five school children, wounded 29 others and a teacher before killing himself at Cleveland Elementary School in Stockton, California, it does not appear that these tragic events will leave us any time soon.  Sandy Hook Elementary School will be forever remembered as yet another school that suffered from the hands of a crazed gunman, Adam Lanza.  He killed 28 people, eight were adults and the rest were little children.

As President Obama stated, “Our hearts are broken.”  There were so many innocent lives cut short.  So much potential, so many happy memories that will never be made and so much grieving that is still yet to happen.  These children were sweet, innocent and brought so much joy to their parents and loved ones.  The adults who gave their lives were exemplary role models who made the ultimate sacrifice in an attempt to minimize the damage and prevent further needless killings. 

Armed4Battle Supports President Obama
In Mourning For Those Who Died in the
Connecticut School Shootings

Today, Armed4Battle takes time to honor the innocent and the heroes who gave their lives with reckless abandon and total disregard for their own well-being.  The New King James Bible states in John 15:13 that “Greater love has no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.”  This is, clearly, the heart of the Gospel and what Jesus Christ modeled to all of humanity when He willfully laid down His life for the sins of the world. 

Reports are coming out that this terrorist gunman was mentally ill.  I can’t help but ask, “What kinds of psychiatric help was this man offered and did he receive it for his condition?”  What did his parents do throughout his life to get him help?  How did he respond to that help?  My understanding is that this man had a personality disorder.  Somewhere along the way, something went terribly wrong.  The gunman, Adam Lanza, either had a break with reality or chose to channel his anger in a very violent way.  Whatever the case, the fact remains that another gunman succeeded in penetrating one of our most sacred instituitions that house our school children–our public schools. 

Armed4Battle Mourns With Those Who
Weep For Their Lost Loved Ones At the
Connecticut School Shooting

I can’t help but ask, why is more not done to protect our school children?  Why do schools get hit so hard with budget cuts year after year?  The time has come when we have to consider putting policemen at our schools not just with their standard weaponry, but with military-style rifles so they have a good chance at succeeding in killing any potential terrorists who dare try to take away our #1 greatest natural resource:  our precious children.  How many more children will have to die before we do something radical to stop these radical, merciless, crazed killers? 

Once a killer penetrates a school campus, our children and educators are at the mercy of these terrorists.  By the time the police are contacted, it’s too late.  The damage by then has been done.  Dead bodies lay everywhere.  When the cavalry arrives, it’s too little, too late.  Nothing can be done to bring back these precious lives.  The only way to ensure that our children will have a chance to survive such a crisis is to man our schools with extraordinary policemen who are gifted sharp-shooters, expert marksmen, proven snipers.  Only then, will our children have a fighting chance. 

I hope our congressmen are listening.  Perhaps a law needs to be passed for this to happen.  These killers need to be cut down in shreds before they have an opportunity to kill again.  They need to be treated for what they really are:  the enemy, terrorists who deserve no mercy.  I believe they would think twice before carrying out their personal vendettas, if such changes were made.  Our children are worth it.  Times have changed.  We are no longer safe.  It’s time to empower our police officers–to make them Armed4Battle so they can be given authority to do what they are trained to do:  to protect innocent lives and to kill the enemy.

Armed4Battle Supports Protecting Our Children
By Manning Our Schools With Police Snipers!

Since we will always have to deal with terrorists, we need to make changes now and adapt to the times.  I know that Armed4Battle’s recommendation sounds harsh and extreme, but too many lives have already been lost, too many parents have had to bury their children, too many loved ones have had to bury educators.  Let’s give our policemen a fighting chance so they can rightfully kill these terrorists.  Since that’s the only language that these terrorist cowards understand, maybe they will think twice before they choose to meet their Maker. 

I’d like to end in a word of prayer:  “Father, I pray for all the families who have to bury their loved ones.  Comfort them in their grief, hold them in the palm of Your hands, let them know that the sun will shine again and that their loved ones did not die in vain.  Thank You, Lord, for receiving all of these precious children and adults into Your loving presence.  Romans 12:15 declares, “Rejoice with those who rejoice, and weep with those who weep.”  We join our brothers and sisters in mourning right now, Lord, but we thank You that Psalm 30:5 declares that “weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning.  In Jesus’ name, we pray.  Amen.  I pray Jesus‘ blessings on all of my Armed4Battle friends!


Victor Torres

 To purchase a copy of Victor’s book, Armed For Battle and Destined For Glory, visit his website at or  His book was a Finalist at the 2012 Global E-Book Awards for “Best Christian E-Book of the Year” and “Best Autobiography.”  Learn how Victor overcame being a victim of bullying and learn how to apply principles that will help you to become an overcomer and a champion in life so that you can fulfill your God-given potential.





Armed4Battle Asks, “Are Single Christians Having Sex Today–Part 2?”

Armed4Battle: “Single Christians Should Live Pure Lives!”

Armed4Battle Declares, “Choose Now Who You Will Serve!”

Armed4Battle Referees Between Purity & Sexual Sin!


Armed4Battle Admonishes All Christian Singles
To Say “No” To Sex Until Marriage!

Armed4Battle asks, “What has happened to Christian singles who made a vow to God to wait until marriage before having sex, but are failing miserably in their vow to the Lord?”  Pre-marital sex goes against the guidelines that have been laid out by God in the Bible.  Unfortunately, research findings have shown that 80% of single adults ages 18-27 are indeed sexually active compared to 88% of non-religious people.  In short, single Christians are failing miserably when it comes to living pure lives, which means that they are not modeling lives of integrity to a world in desperate need of positive role models. 

These followers of the faith are very much involved in attending church regularly, participate in various ministry activities, and even claim to pray and read their Bibles.  However, there is a heavy price that they are paying for not being fully obedient to God’s challenge to live holy lives.  In this article, we will examine further what some of those consequences will be, unless there is a turning away from such ungodly living soon.

Before God judges the world of sin, He typically deals with His house first.  He confronts Christians in areas of their lives where there is compromise.  The Lord will confront His believers time and time again of sin and if that believer turns a deaf ear to God’s voice and chooses to not pay attention to this call for repentance, God loves us enough to expose our sins publicly, as shameful and degrading as that is.  And yet, despite the public rebuke, we have no one to blame but ourselves when that happens and that will happen!

I can think of several religious men who had thriving ministries at one time, but fell prey to temptation in the area of marital fidelity or embezzlement.  Some who come to mind are Jimmy Swaggart, Tim and Tami Baker, and Ted Haggard. Their sins were publicly exposed and they were disgraced in front of the whole world.  Though God restored Jimmy Swaggart and Jim Baker, the ministries they have now are only a shadow of what they used to be.  That’s because though God is willing to extend His hand of forgiveness to those with repentant hearts, He still chastises His children and that often includes bringing an end to the empires that they once had. 

If we don’t humble ourselves privately, rest assured that the Lord will humble us publicly.  Though living a sinful lifestyle may be fun for a season, it is always accompanied by consequences.  Just look at what happened to King David after he committed adultery with Bathsheba.  It would cost him the life of a baby and much more, including peace in his household.

Many Christian singles have chosen to dishonor God, themselves, and their lovers by ignoring the Lord’s admonition to refrain from sexual activity until marriage.  They live as if the Lord turns His back whenever they enter into sexual union with another person.  God is not pleased when we don’t pay heed to His commandments.  A single Christian does not have a right to enter into sexual union with their lover prior to marriage.  I call it illegal access into the spirit realm because since sex involves the union of two people, one’s spirit is united with another when lovemaking takes place.  This is no different than when Adam and Eve tasted of the forbidden fruit that God sternly warned them not to partake in.  As a result, they cursed themselves and all of humanity. 

Christian singles who are engaged in regular sex no longer have a fear of God.  Their love for the Lord has grown cold.  Their spiritual walk becomes shallow because their new God has become the God of Sex rather than the God of Love.  They may continue to profess that they love God, but their words are empty because they can no longer back up their words with action.  1 John 2:2-5 declares, “Now by this we know that we know Him, if we keep His commandments.  he who says, “I know Him, and does not keep His commandments, is a liar, and the truth is not in him.  But whoever keeps His word, truly the love of God is perfected in him.”

How long will God wait for us before we turn from our secret sins?  Only the Lord knows.  But there comes a time when He won’t put up with a believer’s sins any longer.  We become a stench in God’s nostrils when we entertain sin and shun holiness.  If our mentality is, “How close to the edge can I get before sinning?” we are destined to fall.  Pride comes before the fall.  Instead, we need to be on our guard against sexual temptation so we don’t engage in lascivious behavior. 

If we humble ourselves before God daily through prayer and ask Him for strength against temptation, He promises to gives us the strength to say “No” to our flesh.  The Holy Spirit who lives inside our hearts is greater than any evil influence that will come against us.  Knowing this should encourage us to keep our dating relationships pure.

So, in order to prove to God that we love Him, we need to deny our flesh daily when it desires to have its sexual needs satisfied.  To sacrifice our integrity and our close walk with God is too high a price to pay for a night’s worth of pleasure.   Sex is like a drug.  Once it entangles you, you will crave to have more of it and if you don’t learn to control your passionate desires, it can destroy you.  We must learn from King David, Solomon and Samson.  They all fell to sexual sin.  Let’s learn from their mistakes so that we don’t have to face harsh consequences.

I assure you that you will live a very blessed life for waiting to have sex.  You peace will be lasting, your joy will be full, your love for others will be selfless, and you will feel close to God.  God’s benefits truly outweigh the passions of your flesh, for they are only temporary and once the exhilaration leaves, guilt settles in along with more consequences.  Choose to be a true Christian and prove that you love God by honoring Him with your body.  Let’s prove to the world that we are, indeed, Christians, my Armed4Battle brothers and sisters.  True love and sexual intimacy are worth waiting for, especially when it is free of guilt.  This does not just apply to younger adults, but older adults as well.  Live in such a way that you may glorify your Heavenly Father in Heaven.  Be an Armed4Battle Christian and live a virtuous life that is pleasing to God.


Victor Torres                 

 To purchase a copy of Victor’s book, Armed For Battle and Destined For Glory, visit his website at or  His book was a Finalist at the 2012 Global E-Book Awards for “Best Christian E-Book of the Year” and “Best Autobiography.”  Learn how Victor overcame being a victim of bullying and learn how to apply principles that will help you to become an overcomer and a champion in life so that you can fulfill your God-given potential.


Armed4Battle Celebrates Another Milestone For November 2012!

Armed4Battle Celebrates With You!

Armed4Battle Says “Thank You To All Our Visitors!”

Armed4Battle Appreciates All Of You!

Armed4Battle Celebrates Another Milestone
With A Record Number of Visitors For
November 2012!

Armed4Battle would like to thank all of our visitors for continuing to come back over and over again.  We reached another milestone with at least 100,000 visitors for the 8th month in a row!  In fact, we reached at least 150,000 visitors for the 2nd time in the last eight months.  We recorded 152,504 visitors for the month of November!   Armed4Battle would like to extend a very heartfelt “thank you” to all of you!

We will continue to provide you with meaningful articles and videos that will encourage you as you persevere through life challenges.  We were never meant to walk through the valley of the shadow of death alone.  We will all experience tragedy in our lives, if we haven’t already, and when we come across that path we must be resilient in our brokenness.  We must be honest about our hurts, disappointments, and losses, and find a trusted friend to help us bear our burdens. 

And remember that through tragedy we must triumph in order that we can become whole again and help other broken people to find wholeness as well.  And always remember that there is nothing more powerful in receiving your emotional healing than when you go out and help someone in your broken state.  There are many lessons to be learned when we experience heartbreak and we will grow in our faith in God, too, as we endeavor to hold fast to our integrity, no matter what personal challenges you will be forced to face. 

Keep visiting us, my friends, and be determined to continue reading articles and watching videos that we produce to help you receive your emotional healing.  Your heart is your most prized possession for within it lie the issues of life that you’ll need to address.  Be determined to know the truth in your life and the truth will set you free! 


Victor Torres

 To purchase a copy of Victor’s book, Armed For Battle and Destined For Glory, visit his website at or  His book was a Finalist at the 2012 Global E-Book Awards for “Best Christian E-Book of the Year” and “Best Autobiography.”  Learn how Victor overcame being a victim of bullying and learn how to apply principles that will help you to become an overcomer and a champion in life so that you can fulfill your God-given potential.                         Armed4Battle

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From Victim 2 Victor–The Victor Torres Story | Armed4battle

YouTube Preview Image

Armed4Battle Introduces the Victor Torres Story

Be Armed4Battle Like Victor As You Aim for the Prize!

From Victim 2 Victor–Learn How To Be Armed4Battle!

Armed4Battle recognizes Victor Torres as a 26-Time-World Arm Wrestling Champion, who was once bullied on the school yard. He tells of his story of his miraculous transformation below:

This video, created by photojournalist, Rayford Johnson, author of Thug Mentality Exposed, is very realistic because it was filmed in Victor’s hometown, Willits, California. It captures the personal struggles that he experienced as a child, which included poverty, parental abuse, bullying, the physical demands of being a migrant farm worker, being physically assaulted by 10 school hoodlums, and his experiences with racism.

This Armed4Battle video also chronicles the death of his mother during his senior year in high school, his struggle with low self-esteem, and a search for true identity. Despite his overwhelming hardships early on in life, he developed an Armed4Battle mindset that allowed him to look at his trials as a steppingstone to his future. As a result, he was inspired to become a high achiever in school and graduated with honors from high school, was awarded 17 scholarships and grants, would earn two bachelor’s degrees, two master’s degrees, three community college credentials, eleven national awards for demonstrating leadership and excellence in the counseling profession, writing and public speaking professions.

In this video you will hear how his experiences as a victim of bullying inspired him to become an Armed4Battle 26-Time World Arm Wrestling Champion, a 10-Time United States National Champion, a 27-Time California State Champion, and a winner of 128 career titles right and left-handed. This video will also highlight that he was inspired to write a book about his life entitled, “Armed For Battle and Destined For Glory!” You will hear him talk about how he wrote this Armed4Battle manuscript to encourage other people who have experienced hardship and tragedy to not give up in their personal struggles because hope is always just beyond the horizon.

Victor is also thankful that his book was a Finalist at the 2012 Global E-Book Awards for “Best Christian E-Book of the Year” and “Best Autobiography.” I know that his book will bless you and inspire you to fulfill your destiny through the God-given talents that you have been blessed with. I hope and trust that you will enjoy this video and that you will be moved to be all that you can be–to become an Armed4Battle Champion in life. God bless!


Armed 4 Battle


Armed4Battle Warns You To Say No To Bullying and the Dark Side!

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