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“The True Making of a Champion” Wins 2 Gold Medals!!

Armed4Battle congratulates Victor Torres for his book, “The True Making of a Champion:Building Strength and Character Through Adversity.”  Victor’s book won 2 Gold Medals through Dan Poynter’s Global E-Book Awards!  His book finished in 1st place in “The Religion/Faith–Non-Fiction category and 1st place in “The Self-Help–Non-Fiction” category.
The True Making of a Champion is #1 in the World for Best Self-Help Book in Non-Fiction!

Victor’s book is # 1 in the World in 2 major categories!  A very inspirational read about a young man who was raised in poverty, suffered at the hands of parental abuse, was a victim of bullying and racism and rose above the ashes to earn 4 college degrees, became a world renown author, public speaker and 26-Time World Arm Wrestling Champion!

Purchase a copy of his book, “The True Making of a Champion” and find out how you can develop the heart and mindset of a champion through 6 principles that he discusses so you can apply it to your life.  His book(s) are available through his website at or at
2-Time Gold Medal Winner, “The True Making of a Champion” is Available on