2018 Prophetic Word for the Broken-Hearted

God is moving in the hearts of those believers who will trust Him to heal their desolate places.  He is calling believers to be truthful, for the Lord desires truth in the inward parts.  He requires honesty in order to heal the Broken-Hearted.  Integrity is a prized possession and not everyone attains it.  God is calling everyone to be open and honest with him about deep-seated pain that we have carried for years.  Negative coping mechanisms only serve to numb and prolong emotional pain.  The Lord is calling us to shed our graveclothes so we can allow the Holy Spirit to cleanse the inside.

For those who are ready to give up their old ways of surviving, the Lord is ready to bless you with a brand new life, for those who will dare to truly live with power, passion and conviction.