New Paperback & E-Book by Victor Torres Now Available!

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Read Victor Torres’ New Book

The True Making of a Champion:  Building Strength and Character Through Adversity

Now Available Through Kindle

True Making front and back cover



What is the true making of a champion? What comes to mind in describing a winner in a society that highly values professional sports, athletic competition and a world that is in dire need of true role models? Would it be holding a coveted Super Bowl or World Series trophy? Would it be embracing a Most Valuable Player or a Cy Young Award? Would it be winning a Teacher of the Year award? How about a Volunteer of the Year Award?

Our society has all kinds of ideas of what constitutes a true champion. Professional athletes are revered for their athletic abilities. Businesspeople are esteemed for their extensive knowledge of products. Financial planners are respected for their knowledge of what life insurance has to offer. Stockbrokers are respected for their ability to help customers reap profits through stocks and bonds by knowing when to buy and sell in an unpredictable stock market. These people are considered successful by societal standards and are champions in their own right.

Who are some of these champions we admire who have reached the pinnacle of success? How about Bill Gates, Warren Buffet or Rupert Murdoch? How about super star professional athletes who are now successful businessmen such as Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, Roger Staubach, John Elway or Nolan Ryan?

Perhaps you know other champions who have not quite reached this stature but are successful in their professional fields. They may have achieved success in real estate, business investments or network marketing. You may very well know them and be in awe of their accomplishments and their ability to make wise choices.

Are these truly champions we should revere? What is it about them that you are attracted to? Is it their ability to acquire wealth, their good looks, their reputations, fame or possessions that captures your attention? These people made many sacrifices to get to where they are today and understandably so. They were bold risk-takers and were not afraid to stand alone and follow their dreams when others criticized their innovative ideas.

What is the true making of a champion? Is it the underdog who overcomes a life of poverty and becomes college-educated, gains distinction in his profession and gives back to his community? Is it a victim of bullying who survives the blows he was dealt and goes on to inspire others who had similar experiences? Is it a victim of abuse who finds the courage to leave an unhealthy relationship and discovers that her self-worth is really valuable?

Or is it someone who dedicates himself or herself to ministry so he or she can reach victims of sex trafficking, abuse, neglect, homelessness, unemployment or broken relationships? Or how about a woman raised in the projects who becomes a business executive and builds a community center for underprivileged youth as an alternative to gang affiliation?

In this book, I will take you on a path that will explore what is most meaningful in life. You are valuable and precious in Heaven’s eyes and you have little time to waste because you don’t know how much time you have left on this earth to follow the career or ministry path that you are destined to follow. We will look at principles that will help you explore what true success is all about while using pertinent illustrations to encourage you to become the champion that you are destined to become.

A champion’s heart belongs to anyone who is willing to wrestle against forces that dare to keep you from reaching your full potential. You are destined for greatness, my friend, and I encourage you now to read on so you can find out what helps people overcome misfortune with a proper mindset. Open your heart and mind so you can be molded into the champion that longs to be discovered. My prayer is that you will build strength and character through adversity through The True Making of a Champion.


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